French trimmed Prime Rib Roast


French trimmed roast, the granddaddy of roasting joints, aged on the bone to mature the luxurious meat flavours.

The forerib of beef is the joint of beef containing the 7th to 10th ribs and the half vertebrae from a side of beef, prepared by removing the chine bone, trimming excess fat off the meat and  French trimming the ribs, meaning any excess fat is removed exposing the bone.

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We select only the finest pure-bred animals, reared by a select group of farmers who share our values and guarantee the high standards of animal welfare and husbandry we ourselves use on our farm in Perthshire. The 'Terroir' in both Scotland and South West Ireland is amongst the best in the world for rearing livestock and produces the quality of meat we're proud to call O'Shea's.

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