Our range of

Fine Meats

Darragh O’Shea and our team on the ground work with farmers and suppliers in Ireland, the UK and continental Europe to ensure we provide our customers with simply the best Beef, Veal, Lamb, Pork, Poultry and Game.

We select wonderful free range and organic beef from both South West Ireland and from our own farm in Perthshire as well as a number of farms in both Scotland and South West Ireland.

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We specialise in sourcing and selecting top class Rosé Veal. The Veal comes mainly from a group of carefully selected farmers in the UK.

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Our Organic and Free Range Pork is sourced from our own farm as well as farms in Suffolk.

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We source most of our Lamb from the three Ridings of Yorkshire East, North and West where some of the finest sheep farming land can be found.

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We source most of our chickens, guinea fowl, quail and capons from France including Sud Ouest Label Rouge Chicken, Bresse Chicken and Label Rouge Capons, Quail and Guinea Fowl.

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Most of our game comes from Perthshire in Scotland and we source Hare from France.

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Sausages and Bacon

We make a wide range of Sausages using Free Range and Organic Pork.

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We have access to many farmers, markets and producers in the UK, Ireland as well as Continental Europe so if you have any special request we would be happy to source it for you.

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