Finest beef cuts

We select wonderful free range and organic beef from both South West Ireland and we select wonderful free range and organic beef from our own farm in Perthshire as well as a number of farms in both Scotland and South West Ireland.

We select the cattle from farms where they have been reared to the same specification we use on our own farm. The “terroir” in both Scotland and SW Ireland is considered to be the best in the world for rearing livestock.

We have chosen the Black Angus breed because it is specifically bred for beef production and we know it has the best flavour of all the beef breeds and its meat is naturally marbled producing a wonderful succulent taste. All our cuts of beef are dry-aged on the bone in temperature controlled rooms for anything between 21+ and 45+ days.

We also source and supply other top breeds like Sussex, Hereford and Wagyu. Some of our restaurant customers require very specific beef from other countries and continents so to this end we have sourced from the USA, Japan, Spain, Italy, Australia and New Zealand to meet these requirements.

At O’Shea’s we continue to develop relationships with farmers throughout the UK and Ireland to bring you beef that meets our criteria and that we know will satisfy our discerning customers.

Our beef is guaranteed to be free from hormones and artificial additives.


Beef Cuts